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Linda Jaikins
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Keeping the Community Humming

The Ocean Reef Community Association, known as ORCA, has responsibility for public safety and public works. Public safety includes fire protection, paramedics and security, front gate and the Welcome Center. Public works includes maintenance of roads, drainage, streetlights, signs, bridges, common areas and landscaping.

ORCA coordinates the dissemination of news for the Club: the Members’ Channel 5, information about the many clubs within the Club and other organizations that are part of the Ocean Reef community. ORCA publishes our telephone directory and Members’ Roster, published each fall. Architectural issues, ORCA membership and acting as a liaison with government affairs are also among ORCA’s responsibilities.

ORCA manages the wastewater treatment facility, owned by North Key Largo Utility Corp., as well as the reverse osmosis water plant owned by the Club. ORCA provides management services to the Ocean Reef Volunteer Fire Department, the Ocean Reef Foundation, the Ocean Reef Political Action Committee and ORCAT.

ORCA is overseen by its Board of Directors, its day-to-day oversight and management being conducted by the organization’s president and his staff. ORCA’s offices are located on the second floor of the Business Center. Tel: 305.367.3067. We invite you to visit ORCA’s web site.

ORCA Community

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